We provide a wide range of services at CEVS to help keep your EV on the road.

We welcome all types of EVs, including plug-in, full battery and normal hybrid cars and vans.
Rest assured, our Technicians are qualified to the highest level so offer a service that you can trust.

We are a HEVRA approved facility with the latest in specialist EV equipment and technology.

Our electric vehicle servicing team of trained technicians have an honest and fuss-free approach to helping you keep your vehicle on the road. With less components than traditional vehicles, there is less wear and tear, so the maintenance and servicing of electric vehicles is very straight-forward.


Our MOT service tests the safety of your vehicle to ensure it meets road safety and environmental standards.

From £35.00


Includes checking your vehicle to ensure that your EV is in safe working order between your major services.

From £44.95


A comprehensive, in-depth check of your EV to ensure it is in full working order – servicing all parts of the vehicle.

From £109.95


A full drain and refill of your brake fluid. Technicians will pump a supply of fresh fluid into your system.

From £45.00